Character Creation

We will be using the stardard point buy system for the character’s stats.

All player character’s will automatically have 10 points in each stat,. After that, the player has 25 points with which to spend on their six stats using the standard point costs from the core rulebook.

Hit Points

All characters of 1st level will have the maximum amount of hit points based on their class.

For each level above this, the player will roll the appropriate dice for the class. However, if they roll less than half of the maximum amount, then you should round the roll up to half. So for instance, if your hit die is a d10 – the minimum hit points you’d get is 5 even if you rolled a 1, 2, 3, or 4.

ClassDie SizeMin. HP per lvl
Barbariand126 hp
Bardd84 hp
Cavalierd105 hp
Clericd84 hp
Druidd84 hp
Fighterd105 hp
Magusd84 hp
Monkd84 hp
Oracled84 hp
Paladind105 hp
Rangerd103 hp
Rogued84 hp
Sorcererd63 hp
Summonerd84 hp
Witchd63 hp
Wizardd63 hp

Hero Points

We will be using Hero Points in this game (see Advanced Player’s Guide pages 322-325, Paizo’s reference website, or the d20PFSRD website). Please note that Hero Point feats, magic items, and spells will also be available.

If you do not want your character to use Hero Points (i.e. be an Antihero), then you can choose 1 bonus feat in which you qualify. Your character sheet needs to indicate whether you are using Hero Points or if you are considered an Antihero.

Once we begin play, this choice cannot be changed.

Character Traits

You will need to choose two traits, as per the standard character trait rules. Traits are listed in the Advanced Player’s Guide, the Adventure Path Player’s Guides, Paizo’s reference website, and the d20PFSRD website.

Any character traits that are not from the core material will need to be approved before play begins, so please check with me before using. Also, please try to choose traits that play into the overall theme that you want for your character.

One of these traits should come from the Serpent’s Skull Campaign Traits.

(*Note – some traits overlap with similar or identical bonuses to skills, saves, or other abilities. In these cases, you may select one or the other but not both.)

Character Background/History

Please put together a brief outline of your character’s background and history. You don’t have to go into deep detail, but more is better. You should include explanations for their motivations, what they hope to accomplish [example – possible class or prestige class(s) you want, etc.].

Starting Money & Possessions

Each character will begin play with the maximum amount of GP based on their class.

ClassStarting Wealth
Barbarian180 gp
Bard180 gp
Cavalier300 gp
Cleric240 gp
Druid120 gp
Fighter300 gp
Magus240 gp
Monk60 gp
Oracle180 gp
Paladin300 gp
Ranger300 gp
Rogue240 gp
Sorcerer120 gp
Summoner120 gp
Witch120 gp
Wizard120 gp

Other than this, you will start with one set of clothing (10 gp or less) befitting your character’s station (common, explorer, religious, scholar, etc). I have included a bundle kit of adventuring gear that will be available for purchase before the start of play.

Starting Adventurer’s Kit (25 GP)

Here is the standard adventurer’s kit at a special bundle price of 25gp (saves 6gp over individual items) and it weighs 31.5lbs (weight includes a full water skin, however, the weight for small races will be a bit lower).

The following items are included:
(1) backpack (1) bedroll (5) pieces of chalk
(5) fishhooks (1) flint and steel (1) hammer
(1) small steel mirror (7) days trail rations (1×50ft) silk rope
(2) sacks (1) shovel (1) water skin
(1) whetstone

Character Creation

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